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“Personal Narratives From Those Who Served On Attu During WW-II”
These are for the most part stories extracted from "The Capture of Attu," a book of "The Infantry Journal" series prepared by the War Department. Rene "Frenchy" Thibault, stationed on Attu in 1946, was kind enough to make available his copy of this rare (and out of print) book that vividly details the events leading to and including the re-taking of Attu. See the "Shemya Mailbag" for additional stories folks had written about their tour of duty on both Shemya and Attu during WW-II. The Shemya Mailbag was a periodical published by Dan Lange (stationed on Shemya in 1946) of "The Shemya Veterans Association." Additional stories are added as they become available.

                                                      Stories from “The Capture of Attu”


                                                      From the Japanese Side

                                                                                      The Diary of Dr. Nebu Tatsuguri                                                                                       The Diary of an Unknown Japanese NCO                                                                                                                                                                                 The Diary of 1st Class Private Tsukiji                                                                                       Tadashi Kikuchi’s Flag Returns Home

                                                      Personal Anecdotes

                                                                                      The Dentist, by Nick Moreska                                                                                       The Xap Perida, by Curtis Clarkson                                                                                                                                                                                 The Navy Joins the Army, by Ed Henleben                                                                                       Coal, Salmon, and Flying Turkeys by Wallace L. Stock                                                                                       Machine Gun Emplacement by Raymond Greene                                                                                       The Fourth Infantry Comes to the Rescue by Charlie Harris                                                                                       Sgt. Leonard Foulk, 7th Division, 1st Vet with Guide Dog                                                                                       Chester Wheeler, Distinguished Service Cross by Mike Pride                                                                                       Plane Down! by Clark Greene, 10th ERBS                                                                                       Sam “Sparks” Beard, Ship’s Radio Repair
Originally published 6 Mar 1999