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Purchasing CIEL DE GUERRE Magazine

“Step-by-Step Instructions via PayPal”
Originally Published: 12/09/2006
Updated: 12/10/2016 17:31
HLSWILLIWAW'S "FRENCH CONNECTION" This magazine is one of the best productions I've seen in a very long time! A must for every comprehensive Aleutians Library!
14 Euros ea. + 8 Euros Postage to the USA (On 12 Nov 2006 1 Euros = 1.2863 U.S. Dollars) (Currency Converter)
CIEL DE GUERRE N° 10 SEPT.-OCT.-NOV. 2006 Aleutians : the forgotten battle (part 1) 1. After you log in to your PayPal Account, click on the “Send Money” Tab on top. 2. Put “” in the Recipients’ Email or Phone Box. 3. Put “22” (or the current price for the magazine, including postage) in the Amount Box and change the Currency to “Euros.” 4. For Category of Purchase, select “Goods” from the drop down menu. 5. Put “CIEL DE GUERRE N° 10 SEPT.-OCT.-NOV. 2006” in the Email Subject Box. 6. In the “Note” box, indicate you found out about the magazine on “” Add anything more that you like, including your USPS mailing address. 7. Hit “Continue.” 8. On the “Check Payment Details” page, make sure all your information is correct, then click on the “Send Money” button on the bottom of the page. 9. You should get an email receipt that your payment was made. [Note, the 22 EUROS is for one magazine. If you want to purchase more than one magazine, you might want to email and check on shipping costs. All information was checked and verified in 2006. Please be sure to contact the receiving parties and verify they are still willing to conduct these transactions!]